Israt Sojitrawalla
Dr. Nisreen was great with her work, would definitely recommend and go back in the future.
Will highly recommend this clinic. Had a very pleasant experience with Dr Gehlot right from the diagnosis till treatment. She explained the procedure in detail and addressed my concerns. She is very professional, knowledgeable and friendly. The staff is super helpful and polite.
Yuriy Orlov
Dr Gehlot. What a great experience! From the moment I stepped in to the moment I left. I actually got my appointments mixed up and showed up on the wrong day. They accommodate me and got me in. I really appreciate that! Very highly recommend this office.
zhannachizhik chizhik
Dr.Gehlot is very knowledgeable, kind and considerate. She stepped me through the whole process, recommended care, and gave me options. I highly recommend her for all your dental needs. Zhanna.
Gorgeous office with friendly and compassionate dentists
Rashida Takulla
Dr.Nisreen is a highly professional dentist. She is very passionate and loves her work and that makes a dentist being very loving and caring for all her patients. Her newly opened clinic is highly equipped with latest equipment for the best dental treatment
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Dr. Nisreen is my go to dentist when I need dental work to be done. She is the best at what she does. She is very personal and professional.

What treatment do you do for cavities?

Depending on the size, location of the cavity and the incidence and history of cavities in your mouth, Medford cosmetic dentist treatments can range from being very conservative such as high fluoride toothpastes, in office fluoride treatments, use of certain medications to stop the decay process to treatments such as fillings. In some cases, if the decay on the tooth is severe or even starting to cause symptoms, treatments recommended are root canals, crowns. Our dentists are well versed and experienced with all treatments, keep up to date with current treatment recommendations and will provide you with the best options.


What is a deep cleaning?

Deep cleaning (Scaling and Root Planing) is a special type of cleaning which is recommended for some patients depending on their gum health. In case of moderate to advanced gum disease, a deep cleaning may be required for you. Based on your dental exam, our dentist will discuss whether you need regular cleaning every 6 months or regular cleanings every 3-4 months or deep cleaning. A Deep cleaning procedure is scheduled over 2-4 appointments and involves numbing of your gums.


What is a root canal treatment and when is it needed?

Root canal treatment is a Medford cosmetic dentist treatment done when the nerve of your tooth is irreversibly damaged or has become necrotic due to decay or trauma and is starting to cause severe pain or cause an infection in your mouth. In this case, your tooth will be completely numbed and the nerve of your tooth is removed. Then the inside of the nerve canal/s are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected followed by placing a filling in the canals and sealing them. A root canal treatment can take 1-2 appointments for completion. Following a root canal treatment, your tooth will need a permanent filling over it and in some cases a crown put on.


Do you do whitening treatments?

Yes, our Medford cosmetic dentist office definitely does whitening treatments! There are at home treatments for whitening teeth and in office treatments. Based on your esthetic concerns and needs, our dentist will discuss whitening options with you and recommend a treatment which will work best for you. Whitening treatments at times are also done prior to other cosmetic improvements for your teeth.


What is a smile makeover?

If you’re unhappy with your smile, the way your teeth look, the shade of your teeth bothers you, talk to our Medford cosmetic dentist!! Several cosmetic/esthetic treatment options can be discussed with you such as correcting the alignment of your teeth with Clear Aligner therapy. The shade/color of your teeth can be changed with teeth whitening. The shape of your teeth can also be changed with bondings, veneers, crowns. Our dentists will take the necessary records of your teeth such as impressions or scans, photos and study models to provide you with the best treatment options. And if and when you decide to go ahead with improving your smile, our dentists and/or staff will go over appointment schedules and finances with you.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are one of the best ways to replace a missing tooth in your mouth. A special scan may be required for you if an implant has to be placed. The Medford cosmetic dentist implant treatment consists of 2-3 phases and if one is recommended for you, our dentist will let you know the timelines of your implant treatment. Most cases of dental implant treatment will be done at our office. However there may be times we would feel best to send you to a specialist.


What are same day crowns?

Our office is well equipped with the latest dental technology to provide you the service of ‘same day crowns’! Crowns or commonly known as caps for teeth are porcelain coverings placed on teeth that are damaged or do not have enough strength and support to be maintained on their own in the mouth. Most times, this procedure involves 2 appointments since the crowns get made in the lab. However with ‘same day crowns’, our office can save you the extra appointment and place the permanent crown for you the same day as we are able to fabricate the crown in our office itself.


Do you do Invisalign?

We do offer Invisalign and Clear Aligner orthodontic therapy for our Medford cosmetic dentist patients to correct several conditions with their teeth such as overlapping / crowding / spacing / open bites / crossbites. Clear Aligner treatments are a highly beneficial method to improve the alignment of teeth which in turn improves the esthetics as well function (bite) of your teeth. It can additionally alleviate jaw related pain in some cases.


Is numbing needed for all dental procedures?

No, there are lots of procedures in dentistry which can be done without numbing. Some of these are routine dental cleaning, fluoride treatments, sealants, sensitivity treatments, teeth whitening, occasionally small fillings. However, there are also lots of dental procedures which can not be done without getting teeth numb. We understand a lot of Our patients may be nervous about getting ‘novocaine’ or getting their teeth numb. Our dentists and staff will make every effort to make your visit as pleasant and comfortable as possible. They will answer any questions you have regarding treatment, will thoroughly explain to you what to expect during your appointment and you will also have options to select from our ‘comfort’ menu to make your visit stress free.


What is a night guard? Do I need one?

A Nightguard recommended at our Medford cosmetic dentist office is a custom made oral appliance which is well fitted over your top or bottom teeth. This is adjusted to be comfortable with your bite. Nightguards are used to prevent teeth primarily from grinding and clenching during sleep. Patients suffering from teeth grinding, commonly known as bruxism can experience symptoms such as jaw aches and pains, headaches, radiating pain to neck, teeth sensitivity, teeth soreness, cracking and wearing down of teeth.
Talk to our dentist if you think you’re grinding your teeth during sleep so we can do the appropriate treatment for you and relieve your symptoms.

If you get extensive treatments done at our office such as multiple crowns/bridges/implants/cosmetic dental treatment, our dentist will fabricate a night guard for you as part of your treatment plan.